About Us

Away Candle, out of love of candle, body care, and the belief of prioritizing leisure time for oneself. We created this company. Every one of our candle and body care products can open your sense of smell and nostalgia in a whole other level. The company is create to assist in the aid of travel in aromatic world of scent. We're hoping that you can find your signature scent, whether is it with one of our candle or our body care (coming soon).
Allow your sense of smell to open your world wide up and able to watch yourself travel from state to state . Our candle is here to aid you to decompress, romanticize, and spend quality time with oneself. Leaving in a world of always striving plus pressures can wear on the soul, causing us to be in an exhaustion state.
At Away Candles, we make it our mission to help you escape and unwind. We sourced natural ingredient to create our product from candle to body care. Our packages are sustainable as well.
Thank you for your support and enjoy your aromatic travel.